The New Higher Standard Of Quality Concrete- The Kalko Standard

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The Kalko Standard - A Generational Legacy

New Concrete vs. Old Concrete

Few things impact the look and feel of your home like newly finished concrete. Whether it’s a driveway, beautifully pattern-stamped walkways, or a comfortable and inviting patio, it is easy to enhance the look of your home with newly finished “flatwork”.
But let’s think long-term. The challenge for a skilled contractor is to have your home’s driveway, walkways, garage floors, and patios look beautiful when those projects are no longer new. Kalko Concrete & Construction LLC always thinks long-term when it comes to the quality work we put into every job.

What is Under Your Concrete?

It all comes down to what is underneath. Few homeowners realize that quality concrete work is only partially achieved in the few hours during the pouring and finishing process. Important? Yes for sure.
However, the lasting beauty you will see year after year comes from the meticulous effort put into proper site preparation. It is much more than creating a smooth level surface. In fact, it is much more, and the site preparation that goes into a proper concrete project will make up the bulk of the time and labor.

Kalko Concrete & Construction is built on a rock-solid foundation (pun intended) of putting the majority of our work into proper site preparation. We call this the Kalko Standard and it shows in every project we take on.

Why do we live and work by the Kalko Standard?

Kalko Founder and Owner, Seki Kofe started quite young hauling buckets of “mud” or freshly mixed concrete for his father and alongside his brothers in the family concrete and construction business.
Not only did that incredibly hard work help Seki develop into a championship rugby player and respected coach, his father’s obsession with a perfect job done perfectly became a part of Seki’s work culture. It is a generational legacy that dictates how we approach each job.

“There are so many ways to cut corners and do a job that will look nice for a time. However, my father taught me better and I am obligated to honor his standards and make him proud” – Seki

Our Full Line Of Concrete Services

Top Tier Concrete Installation

From Foundations, Driveways, Patios, Sidewalks, and elegantly finished interior or exterior concrete flooring, rest assured Kalko approaches each job thinking long-term. The Kalko Standard means your project is built on a generational legacy of quality. Remember, what goes underneath your concrete is more important than how it looks on top.

Concrete Restoration And Repair

Are you starting to see cracks in your driveway or sidewalk? If so, let the professionals at Kalko Concrete & Construction LLC be the ones to professionally correct the problem and reduce potential hazards. You may be pleasantly surprised at all of the affordable options.

Decorative Concrete Stamping

If you are looking for a modern way to update your concrete and keep it budget-friendly, then concrete stamping is the way to go. Long-lasting stamped concrete is a superior option over expensive tile or brick work. Kalko Concrete & Construction LLC is one of the leading concrete contractors in Salt Lake City, and the surrounding areas that specializes in decorative concrete stamping.